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Established in year 1993 as a design and construction services and building firm our primary focus has been upon serving property management firms and individuals, with various services related to civil construction, exterior and interior designing and construction. Through our extensive task history of constructing ventures we have developed a customer service business philosophy. Proactive and timely customer service has been the main motto of our company. Having successfully completed a number of contracts with various multinational and local companies and individuals we believe in quality not quantity. We help client’s designs, build and logistics through a network of facilities covering most areas of Singapore. We provide our clients with complete designs, engineering and material supply resources that are vertically integrated with Engineering solutions to optimize their operation by lowering their costs and reducing their time to market. With new engineering developments and changes in the field of architecture and construction the demand of these services is on rise and to cope up with such challenges with our comprehensive designs and engineering services, our Company has set of vision to become a premier solution provider company providing world leadership in complete engineering and technical solution for the construction and engineering society. We are the planners of responsive, fast, cost effective and creative solution to our clients benefit, compensation and their critical needs. Our Team combine technical excellence with superior understanding of client need and the environment in which our client operate. We are committed to working partnerships with our clients that add value and consistently exceed expectations. We believe in a proactive approach in all aspects of our business, but in particular to quality, safety and delivery. By getting this right, we give our customers confidence and peace of mind during the process of planning, design and construction. We comprise of the most experienced construction team and we have the ability to deliver any scale of design and construction projects.

United Pacific Design & Construction
31 Sungei Kadut Street 2, Singapore-729243